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Diamond jewelry at Tanishq | Cochin

What you see - Opposite to Padma theatre at the beginning of MG Road lies Tanishq showroom with its bedazzling jewelry display. An independent building of two storeys with one dedicated to diamonds, Tanishq is hard to miss.

What you get – Tanishq as a brand needs no introduction. The two storeys of gold and diamond jewelry hold together a large collection. In Cochin, gold jewelry is something that everybody seems to love. No wonder then that there are several gold jewelers that we see in and around the city. Tanishq’s USP however, lies in diamond jewelry.

Starting from Rs. 5,000 and going to several lakhs, the collection here is a mix of contemporary and traditional designs. They even custom-make jewelry based on your requirements.

The lower price bracket of diamond jewelry mainly includes pendants and earrings. We saw many done in white gold. However, what stand out in Tanishq’s collection are the mesmerizing diamond rings and necklaces.

The second floor resembles any other Kerala style gold jeweler’s showroom. Nonetheless, it does have some trendy designs when it comes to jewelry. The ornaments come across as large-sized ones, possibly to suit the tastes of Cochin dwellers and aiming at the wedding market. Prices are based on market rates.  

Our verdict - If you are looking for diamond jewelry, this is it. With certified stones and Tata's branding, there are hardly any doubts with respect to quality and purity. What’s good is that they can custom-make the designs too (even watches in gold). We especially liked the ones with white gold and onyx stones. Do give it a try for diamond jewelry or the ones in white gold, in trendy designs. The showroom does not have its own exclusive parking space, so you may have to find one yourself. It is open even on Sundays.

Anytime between - 9.30 AM – 7.30 PM
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